Daniel Araujo
Braga, Portugal
Provided by email

Professional Experience 10 years

  1. Markdata

    • Cartões & Soluções

      • Develop customer loyalty software

      • Design and develop customizable and proprietary websites for pharmacies with opt-in paid features (E-commerce, Newsletter, loyalty card integration, real-time chat support, Google Analytics, proprietary data import, custom app management ...)

      • Lead team of foreign software developer interns

    • GoFact

      • Develop electronic invoicing web app:

      • Take over existing projects to fulfill maintenance and client feature requests

      • Lead team of software developer interns


    • Web app and Web API development (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, REST, SOAP, Vue.js, Vue.js SSR, Angular, React, ASP.NET CORE, jQuery, Rails, Laravel, GraphQL, Node.js, WebSocket ...)

    • Android apps (Native, Cordova)

    • Windows and Linux desktop and command line apps

    • Develop firmware for microcontrollers with small memory footprint (ESP32)

    • Third-party APIs (PayPal, HiPay, ifthenpay, Binance, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch ...)

    • Diverse knowledge of frameworks and libraries (Vue.js, Qt, jQuery, AngularJS, React, .NET, WCF, ASP.NET, Rails...)

    • Unit testing (JUnit, Mocha, PHPUnit ...)

    • Good programming practices, paradigms and design patterns. (OOP, MVC, ...)

    • Relational databases in SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite ...)

    • Document-oriented databases (MongoDB, ...)

    • Version control systems (git, mercurial, cvs ...)

    • Linux server management (Docker, cPanel, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, BIND/named, systemd, nginx ...)

    • Data interchange formats (JSON, YAML, XML, CSV ...)

    • Programming languages: C, C++, Lua, Python, Bash, Ruby, Perl, Java, Kotlin, C#, Rust, PHP, JavaScript

    • Good written and spoken English (Level C1)

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