Daniel Araujo

I have been employed as a programmer in Portugal for 10 years. My knowledge about software is very diverse. I'm capable of styling websites with CSS and writing assembly instructions for microcontrollers.

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Software developed by me


A tool for modding programs on Linux at runtime.

proctal allocate --pid=12345 -rw 147F78FDA9C000proctal write --pid=12345 --address=7F78FDA9C000 --type=text 'Hello, world!' $'\n'proctal execute --pid=12345 mov rsi, 0x7F78FDA9C000 mov rdx, 14 mov rdi, 1 mov rax, 1 syscallproctal deallocate --pid=12345 7F78FDA9C000
  • Reading and writing to memory
  • Searching for values (int, float, etc) and byte patterns
  • Pausing program execution
  • Watching for accesses to memory locations
  • Allocating and deallocating memory blocks
  • Assembling and disassembling instructions
  • Running your own code in the context of the program
  • Dumping contents in memory
Visit proctal.io


An Android app that records audio from the past. Have you ever gone through a moment in your life that you wish you had recorded? With this app you no longer have to remember to press start to record. You don't even need to have the app open. This app provides a feature that many game consoles have had for years. It allows you to save the past 30 minutes (or more) of your microphone audio to a file.

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