Daniel Araujo

My knowledge about software is very diverse. I'm capable of styling websites with CSS and writing assembly instructions for microcontrollers.

Open Source Software


A tool for modding programs on Linux at runtime.

proctal allocate --pid=12345 -rw 147F78FDA9C000proctal write --pid=12345 --address=7F78FDA9C000 --type=text 'Hello, world!' $'\n'proctal execute --pid=12345 mov rsi, 0x7F78FDA9C000 mov rdx, 14 mov rdi, 1 mov rax, 1 syscallproctal deallocate --pid=12345 7F78FDA9C000
  • Read and write to memory
  • Search for variables (int, float, string) and byte patterns
  • Pause program execution
  • Trace memory access
  • Allocate and deallocate memory blocks
  • Build and execute custom code in the program
  • Dump memory
Learn more at proctal.io


I have created a browser extension that adds and enhances features of a big streaming website.

  • Customizable website theme.
  • Keep deleted messages visible in chat.
  • Hide/block streamers.
  • Playback speed control.
  • Send message history.
  • And more!

Over hundreds of users use it every day.

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